With an extensive background in business and technology, impactIR is in a unique position to consult with our clients. Our team has built companies in several verticals, overseeing and setting strategy for sales, marketing, information technology, and finance. Take advantage of our vast knowledge and intellectual property in order to bridge the gap in your [...]

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Graphic Design

Professional graphic design is of the utmost importance, especially with the competitive nature of business today. Our team of graphic designers can help your company design provocative and effective imagery for web and print media. Our artists are trained in a plethora of professional grade applications. Please contact us for a detailed consultation.

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Web Design

The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, and how we do business. As technology has evolved and become more relevant, business and marketing have undergone a paradigm shift. Establishing a strong web presence is now essential for every organization across all verticals. Web design must be both professional and creative in order to effectively [...]

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Search Engine Optimization

Although a professional web presence is vital for every company, it is of little value if potential clients and investors are unable to locate it. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the practice of streamlining and promoting content in order to do just that. Effective SEO will increase visibility in search results and [...]

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Corporate Communications

Crafting effective corporate messaging promotes investor confidence. Our copywriters can help craft content for all types of web and print media. Whether it be content for your corporate website, annual reports, or press releases, we can help. Professionally crafted messaging is a essential to your image. It can be a powerful tool to promote your company and [...]

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Online Marketing

Marketing has taken new form in the digital age, and all companies must adapt. Online Marketing is now a crucial component of every marketing strategy. With the plethora of advertising vehicles available to you, it is best to leverage experts with experience in the area. Our team has expertise in email marketing, social media, Adwords, [...]

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Investor Awareness

Investor awareness campaigns are an essential component of any investor relations strategy. Emerging companies must rely on promotion in order to provide the necessary visibility and liquidity of company stock. Studies have proven the efficacy of investor awareness campaigns for increasing investor following, liquidity, and share price. This is important for companies of all sizes, [...]

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Investor Relations for Emerging Companies

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